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Welcome from Chairman

Welcome to the Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology!

Yung-Luen Yu, Ph.D.
Chairman, Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology, College of Medicine, China Medical University

The Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology (GICB) was founded in April 2007 as part of the China Medical University Medical College. GICB is the ONLY graduate institution named Cancer Biology in Taiwan, revealing its unique position in offering a strong training environment in cancer biology that provides a good foundation for students interested in the field of oncology, or scientist in pursuing cancer research. GICB has partnership with Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) at China Medical University Hospital for outstanding research projects and providing better support for research developments.

GICB Master’s Degree Program is to introduce students to knowledge derived from research in the production, properties, and therapy of cancer and assures that students have the necessary background and techniques to enable them to do original research. The Joint Ph.D. Program of “Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery” with Academia Sinica is to offer students the advance studies of cancer prevention, diagnostics and treatment. Instead of focusing on large classroom lectures, the new curriculum emphasizes small-group learning and greater interaction among students and faculty in the discipline. The building and classroom offers ethernet technology, state of the art projection system, experiential learning through simulation labs and teleconference meeting, as well as open space, self-efficient wet-lab and animal facility making it as enhanced interactive environment for students.

Our new Cancer Building, which opened in the November of 2007, provides a friendly, state-of-the art home for students and clinics. GICB is on the 9th floor of Cancer Building with the 19,000-square-foot floor space, a visible sign that we have never been more committed to cancer education nor more determined to be a model for training physicians and graduate students uniquely prepared to practice 21st century medicine.

We invite you to explore the many opportunities that we offer in graduate education, cancer biological research, and clinical care. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.


Yung-Luen Yu, Ph.D.
Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology
China Medical University